One of my colleagues, Sharon, is selling the spectacular set on the left in both her RUBY LANE  and on Ebay. Her asking price of $275 is so reasonable. Look a the styling! This isn't your everyday Sherman set. And knowing what I do of Sharon, her jewelry is always top notch. She's a very knowledgeable vintage jewelry seller.  If you do decide to buy this one, buy it from her RUBY LANE  and save her the ebay fees! Ebay won't like me for suggesting that but I'm more interested in helping Sharon than in adding to ebay's coffers LOL.  Sorry eBay!

There are 5 pages of Sherman listings on eBay at this time. Just like my earlier post on this subject, it truly is a buyer's market. I'm feeling it too in my shops at RUBY LANE and RUBY PLAZA. I have some lovely Sherman pieces listed at those links and right now, I'm ready to accept your offers on all my Shermans. As long as what you offer isn't below my cost on the piece, I'll accept it! Why don't you click those links I've provided and slip over to either one of our shops now. Then MAKE ME AN OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE. I'm listening!

wide bracelet

Now on the right is a wide bracelet that's worth going for. It's 1.5" wide, 8" long and comes in that popular mix of light and dark topaz stones. The seller has started this auction at a very reasonable $199. You'd be crazy not to go for it, but will you? If you win it at that opening bid price, you'll be getting a signed Sherman bracelet that would have sold for twice that amount a year ago, both on ebay or any other online venue. Those who sell at fairs and places like Christie's Antique shows would get 3 times that price for this one.
I've just done my weekly walk through designer signed vintage Sherman on ebay and it's looking like the drought i.e. lack of sales or selling at loss is continuing on there despite some fantastic offerings. The one shown on the left caught my eye. Gorgeous set, top condition, great ad, and lots of photos. Vendor is offering it at $999 or best offer. Does she/he have a hope in hell of getting anything close to that, even if it's worth every cent? This will be interesting to watch. CLICK HERE to watch.


With our second online VIANVI shop now located at RUBY PLAZA, we've been giving some thought as to what jewelry should be listed there and in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE.  Since we opened at RUBY LANE back in 2008, we've noticed most visitors to that shop are interested in fine jewelry (diamond and gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets etc) or antique and art deco jewelry. In fact, of late, just about no-one has come looking for any of our designer vintage costume jewelry, be it Sherman or Schiaparelli! 

So, for the immediate future, we are moving most of our costume jewelry sets, including all our SHERMANS, like that gorgeous emerald green sautoir or tassel set shown above into our SHOP AT RUBY PLAZA. Right now, we don't have a huge collection of Sherman any longer, but there are still some lovely pieces to be had, and as we've said before, we are receptive to offers.  The topaz parure 

shown above is a lovely set in pristine condition. It's rare these days to find a complete set of Sherman ie.. with matching necklace, earrings, bracelet, and we've priced it very reasonably. You can learn more about it HERE

But it's not just our SHERMANS that we've moved to our RUBY PLAZA SHOP
We've taken over our Schiaparellis, Coro, Sarah Coventry, Kramer, Juliana, Hagler ... in fact, any costume jewelry we have, both vintage and new, will now be located at VIANVI at RUBY PLAZA.  Just look at this latest addition below:

Isn't that one of the most exquisite vintage designer signed cuff bracelets you've ever seen?! I'm crazy about this one. I'm selling it on consignment for one of my regular customers at RUBY LANE. But I tell you: I like it so much I'm tempted to buy it from her for myself! You can see more photos of it HERE

Does all this mean that we won't have any more designer costume jewelry in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE? No. In fact, it's most likely that whenever we list a new piece (except perhaps for Sherman), we'll list it in both shops for a while.  But the point of this blog, as it is dedicated to Sherman jewelry, is to let all of you who follow it, or who may be looking for jewelry by Gustave Sherman, know where you can find it! It's at VIANVI AT RUBY PLAZA!


It's been ages since I last did a post for this blog but when my tracking to our RUBY LANE shop showed me buyers are looking for Sherman, I got curious. Is it possible the ladies are indeed looking at glittery costume jewelry again? It's been ages since we sold any costume jewelry by any vintage designer from our VIANVI SHOPS, so we thought the market for this lovely stuff was dead.

Well if you look at the current eBay listings for Sherman, it looks like the market was just taking a break. Today, as I write this, there are 5 pages of Shermans listed on eBay ... and some lovely pieces too. But prices are all over the place! Most of the vendors are still selling their Sherman using auction format. For the buyers, that means a good chance to pick up Sherman at a bargain price. Others have opted for the "Buy it Now" option that has taken over much of eBay and that means the buyer needs to be on top of their game as to whether the Buy it Now price is reasonable or not. I'm not even going to indicate my feelings one way or another on that as I don't consider myself an expert on Sherman. I just know that what a seller could get for a Sherman a year or two back seems to be a lot less than what they can get today. But, if the interest is there and starting to grow again, then Sherman prices could just skyrocket again.

Anyway, here's some of the pieces I saw and liked. When I say "liked", I'm not talking price; I'm talking the beauty or desirability of Sherman from a collector's viewpoint.

The beautiful fuschia brooch above is a signed Sherman and the auction ends on November 18, 2010. Currently there are only 2 bids but it has 6 days to run. Bidding at this time is at $76. This colour is a popular shade in costume jewelry, and being a Sherman, highly desirable. You'll find it HERE.

You probably know that full sets of Sherman are hard to come by and always worth getting, especially if they also come in the original box. That's what makes the set below a good investment. This one has an opening bid of $599 and ends on November 16, 2010. With bracelet, necklace, earrings & original box, you might want to give this one some thought. Learn more HERE.

If the bidding is any indication, there's a lot of interest in the set below. It's already at $200 and there's only 2 days left to snap this one up. That would advisable because, again, it's a set and it's in a popular color. And on top of that, there's a bracelet in this set. Sherman bracelets are always collectible! The seller indicates some wear to the gun-metal backing on the bracelet and apparently the brooch isn't signed. But colors and style are all compatible in the pieces:

You can't go wrong with a set like this. Read up on it HERE. 

It's fun looking at Sherman again after so much time of not looking at it. Seeing all the lovely offerings reminds me of what I so love in Sherman  jewelry: gorgeious designs, lovely colors, collectible value.  I don't have much Sherman left but I recently sold a couple too. So obviously interest has picked up again.

Above is a pretty set I still have left in both our VIANVI SHOPS. It's clear Swarovski crystals and a full 3-piece parure.  In top condition, it glitters like diamonds and we've priced it to sell in our CHRISTMAS BAZAAR SALE.  Slip over to either of our shops to check it out now. 

And for those of you who are into repairing Shermans, or buying pieces to repair other Shermans, we have a couple of brooches (shown below) in our shops that may interest you. One is a Sherman; the other is Austria. And we've priced them super low to clear i.e. you get both brooches for only $70. Each is missing one stone. You can see plenty of photos in both our RUBY LANE and RUBY PLAZA shop. Why not take a look, and while you're there, do check out our other pretty glitzy costume jewelry just perfect for the upcoming sparkly season ... and all at very reasonable prices!